‘Battered American Syndrome’ is Creating a New Mental Health Crisis

In addition to the mental health crisis caused by COVID isolation, symptoms of Battered American Syndrome are common, putting Americans at an even greater risk for suicide.

Dr. Stephanie Knarr first started using the term “Battered American Syndrome” on a recent episode of her Podcast: Dr. Stephanie Show’s Podcast.

COVID pressures have put more Americans at risk for mental health episodes, and suicide rates have increased dramatically since March.

In addition, Dr. Stephanie Knarr says she also sees many Americans with symptoms that are not unlike Battered Woman’s Syndrome. Most people are familiar with symptoms of Battered Woman’s Syndrome: feelings of helplessness, panic attacks, lowered self-esteem, and damaged relationships with friends and family. These symptoms are common among women who are in a mentally abusive relationship with an intimate partner who gaslights her, threatens to take away her livelihood, and possibly even physically assaults her.

Many Conservative Americans are experiencing these symptoms because of being mentally abused in the following ways:

  • Many Liberals are emotionally abusing Conservative family members by not speaking to them due to differing political views.
  • Liberals verbally abuse Conservatives via name-calling – calling them a racist or Nazi on social media or within other forums
  • Gaslighting and deceptiveness from the Liberal Media is common
  • Fear of losing a career or job due to observation that other Conservatives have lost careers for voicing a Conservative opinion

According to Dr. Stephanie Knarr, “Americans who were already more at risk for a mental health episode due to COVID are now even more at risk due to cumulative fear, intimidation, and gaslighting tactics from the Left. I do not see these problems going away after the election regardless of who wins.”

The podcast episode from Dr. Stephanie Show’s Podcast about Battered American Syndrome can be found wherever people download podcasts and on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/episode/1tETzqMf6F8y5eQqaavepA

Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr recently launched the National Directory for Conservative Therapists and Mental Health Professionals at https://www.conservativetherapists.com/ so that Conservative Americans can more easily start to find Conservative therapists in their region. Conservative Americans are currently underserved due to fear of being stigmatized and misunderstood by Liberal Therapists

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