Book Review: Young Vampire and His Struggles in a World of Strife and Conflict

CJ Higginbotham, a gifted writer and contractor who likes to stay active by practicing MMA and boxing, has completed his most recent book “The Undying Truth: The End of the Beginning”: an electrifying story about a young vampire and his dangerous circumstances in a cruel and unaccepting world.

CJ writes, “After the death of his father, young Leviticus is left to face the truth that he is a vampire. Everything he has ever known has changed. He is forced into a world of violence, confusion, and isolation. His family is now terrified of what he has become, and they struggle in this new life. What lengths does he have to go in order to survive and keep his family safe? Does he have enough strength and courage to overcome these new obstacles in a high school where nothing makes sense, where even his classmates want to kill him? Before, he was bullied; but now, he’s fighting for his life. Could a new stranger be the key to his family’s survival?”

Published by Fulton Books, CJ Higginbotham’s book depicts the unforgiving life of a half-breed vampire that defines his character and resilience in the face of great adversity.

This fictional book touches on family, self-worth, and determination all experienced by a young vampire during his journey of survival in a hostile world.

Readers who wish to experience this rip-roaring work can purchase “The Undying Truth: The End of the Beginning” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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